Design is an important of any aspect. For indie authors, this could mean books or websites, or any other digital or physical products they sell.

With that in mind, here are some design tips and tricks, in case you feel like learning a new skill!

▪ Read about the latest features in Adobe InDesign, which can help with book design

▪ Learn about design systems with Atomic Design, in Brad Frost’s book (work in progress available online)

▪ Learn to code with this series of YouTube videos, which covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

▪ There’s also a collection of examples to learn to code on Github

▪ Get some tips from Adobe on switching from graphic design to UX design

Rapid prototype (good for websites) with these 10 ReactJS UI frameworks

There are also a number of tools that can be fun and useful for designing things:

Jekyll: For static websites and blogs

Hugo: For building websites

Draggable JS: For trying out animation and other, probably more advanced, things

Aww App: For whiteboarding online

AutoDraw: For drawing online