Well, it’s official! We have received over 37 submissions for the “Tinker of the Month” contest and tomorrow the winner will be notified! Thank-you to all of you who participated and keep the ideas flowing!!!!!

Also, please keep in mind that 3D printing, at least at my current capacity is not a perfected science, so there will be obvious signs of machining. What I mean is that when one 3D prints an object, the information is sent from the PC, Laptop or SD card to the printer, The printer then brings in whichever filament is chosen for the product. Next, the “hot-end” extrudes the filament into recognizable patterns, which eventually turn into the object on the screen or in the SD card. Think of it like your paper printer at home or at work. The image is sent to the printer and ink is carefully poured (most of the time) into the pattern which is your picture in the end.

That’s just about the simplest way to put it. Only with 3D printing, the machine moves around and drops super hot, melted filament onto VERY carefully, calculated positions, eventually printing the object. This process can leave behind spurs or plastic that’ll need to be hand trimmed off or sometimes sanded to smooth out the edges. You don’t get that kind of surface from injection molding, but I favor this method (now) due to the immense flexibility and ability to change the design from print to print. Can’t do that with injection molding without spending more money and time.

That’s about all for now. Stop back later for more rambling and ideas!

P.S. Start thinking about what YOU would like to see manufactured and maybe YOU will have your idea in your hands this month!!!