DreamLab Industries LLC is a disabled veteran-owned small business

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DreamLab Industries CEO, Brandon Williams, is set to attend the Veteran Business Matchmaking Event/Detroit “2018 National Veteran Business Matchmaker Event”. A two-day free event that includes educational training for SD/VOBs and a day of pre scheduled, 1:1 meetings with buying companies and on-the-spot networking at exhibit tables. September 10-11, Detroit, MI. “We are meeting with several buyers and plan to upgrade our fleet of printers to include MarkForged Carbon fiber as well as several SLS printers from one lucky distributor. We are going to begin bidding on government solicitations and need the most up to date machines in order to compete on a global scale” said Brandon.

Also, DreamLab Industries employees will head to Potomac, Maryland from October 8th-12th to attend the exclusive VIP START program. VIP START is a 3-day, 27-hour comprehensive certification program designed for veteran-owned businesses that want to enter or expand their business growth into the federal marketplace through best business practices. VIP START is offered at no cost to participants.

Since the program launched in 2016, 197 Veteran-Owned Small Businesses have graduated from VIP START.
Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of frequently asked questions.
There are over 20 topics taught by highly experienced industry and government professionals with a focus on accelerating your success in the Federal market through best business practices. Examples include:

Elements that have to be in place in order to do business with a PRIME or Government
Strategic Planning in the Federal Market
Accounting / Budgets / Developing Rates Compliance
Cyber Security
Contracting – Sub-Contracting/ RFP/ RFI
Operational Program Controls
Financing / Capital Management / Banking
Human Resources Management
Business Insurance
Marketing / Business Development / Proposals

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Tips for the design process


Design is an important of any aspect. For indie authors, this could mean books or websites, or any other digital or physical products they sell.

With that in mind, here are some design tips and tricks, in case you feel like learning a new skill!

▪ Read about the latest features in Adobe InDesign, which can help with book design

▪ Learn about design systems with Atomic Design, in Brad Frost’s book (work in progress available online)

▪ Learn to code with this series of YouTube videos, which covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

▪ There’s also a collection of examples to learn to code on Github

▪ Get some tips from Adobe on switching from graphic design to UX design

Rapid prototype (good for websites) with these 10 ReactJS UI frameworks

There are also a number of tools that can be fun and useful for designing things:

Jekyll: For static websites and blogs

Hugo: For building websites

Draggable JS: For trying out animation and other, probably more advanced, things

Aww App: For whiteboarding online

AutoDraw: For drawing online


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Putting the word “Pro” into Prototyping

It’s easy to get professional-quality finishes on your prints and prototypes if you take the right steps. In the final installment of his series about building with Bondo, product designer [Eric Strebel] shows us how it’s done no matter what the substrate. How does he get such a smooth surface? A few key steps make all the difference. First, he always uses a sanding block of some kind, even if he’s just wrapping sandpaper around a tongue depressor. For instance, his phone holder has a round indent on each side. We love that [Eric] made a custom sanding block by …read more


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Zero Gravity 3D printing

Apr 25, 2018 | By David

German research institute BAM (Federal Ministry of Materials Research and Testing) has successfully 3D printed a metal tool in zero-gravity conditions for the first time. We reported last year on BAM’s early tests for the use of ceramic 3D printing on board a spacecraft, making use of a vacuum system to hold the powder bed together. Now the improved additive manufacturing process has been used to produce a metal tool, which is the most advanced structure achieved so far.



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Taking the “sting” out of needles with 3D tech

Apr 27, 2018 | By David

Engineers based at Temple University have made use of 3D printing technology to develop a unique concept for a new surgical needle. Taking inspiration from the natural world, they decided to explore the needle-like protrusions of stinging insects like mosquitos and wasps, before finally settling on the stinger of a honeybee as the basis for the new design. The project was carried out by Temple’s associate professor of Mechanical Engineering Parsaoran Hutapea, and PhD candidate Mohammad Sahlabadi.



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Package Deals Now Available!

Package deals now available ONLY at DreamLab Industries! We’ve made the prototyping process even simpler by rolling out three packages to choose from. Rapid prototyping has never been easier with our streamlined packages starting at only $500!! See the prototyping page for more info. https://dreamlabusa.com/prototyping/

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Thank-you for the Nomination!!!

Thank-you for nominating DreamLab as the small business of the year for 2018!!!!!  We look forward to a VERY exciting year and excited to start giving back to this amazing community!!!


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Great Success

Thank-you for a super successful June! We rolled out a few new designs of our own and received excellent feedback on those items, so thanks for that!!! We are also very thankful to the people attending the Interlochen Farmers Market and their never ending support of our company, thank-you!

We are selling an Objet Alaris30 3d Printer and getting a few printers from Cultivate3d called the “Beast”. These printers are capable of printing an object the size of a small child and have 4 nozzles for 4 prints simultaneously! Look for that in the next few weeks!!!!! Stay tuned for more updates and event news.

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A lot has happened…

A LOT has happened since the last time I posted here. Since then, we have taken on an investor, aligned ourselves with a manufacturer in Gaylord, MI to mass-produce our Pinchy’s by the thousands and have extended our footprint to many stores throughout Michigan! We will be sending out samples to some of the larger, nationwide stores and will be posting updates about that as we go.

Also, the Fife lake MakersPlace has begun to sponsor us as the official 3d Printer company for their prestigious organization. We will be posting updates as we get them.

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